Gavins Point Dam Powerhouse Waterstop Repairs

Missouri River near Crofton, Nebraska

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers
Date Completed: 2021

Emagineered Solutions, Inc. installed our CYLutionsTM Waterstop System to repair failed waterstops in five (5) monolith joints at the Gavins Point Dam near Crofton, Nebraska. All five joints required drilling a new 6″ diameter borehole. At two of the joint locations, the top 15′ of the holes were core-drilled and an inert filler was placed above the waterstop to prevent stress concentration and prevent spalling at a thin structural section. After each borehole was drilled, cleaned, and thoroughly inspected, ESI’s team placed the new waterstop cylinders in the borehole to successfully stop leakage through the monolith joints.

Additionally, ESI’s scope included rehabilitation of a 4″ deck drain using CIPP technology.